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Work + Consistency = Results

Greetings all!

It seems hard to talk about such mundane things as Pilates or gardening plans whilst war begins to rage in Europe… and I debated about whether I would blog this week, but in worrying times routine and familiar things can sometimes offer comfort and a welcome distraction. And I say that for myself as much as those who might read this, so here goes…

It was with great joy that I sent my children back to school on Monday with no masks. I will continue to wear mine where applicable, but I think it is so healthy for the children to be able to see their friends and move around without restrictions, pods and social distancing. So that was a little, but important, thing to celebrate this week in our house.

My daughter and I have gone back to lane swimming and will hopefully continue the routine that we had so enjoyed together pre-pandemic.

I had a slight setback with my injury this week… not sure why or how, so I moved my practice onto the Cadillac and went back to exercises that I have not visited in a while:

- Breathing on the Trapeze with the pull-down bar. (Incredibly effective at firing glutes and hamstrings)

- Seated Mermaid (Lovely to really breathe into the side ribs)

- Roll ups and Roll downs with the Push the Bar as well as the Roll Down bar

All just felt yummy and it reminded me once again that the answer lies in the exercises!

Trust the work, be consistent and the results will come. It’s as much about carving out the time for yourself as well, especially when life gets busy. But you just have to try 😊

That’s it from me this week. Stay safe & chat to you next week

Love Jacq x

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