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Everybody's Free!

Hi Everyone!

Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a good week?

So it’s been a week of highs and lows and I was reminded of the Baz Lurhmann song ”Everybody’s free”, specifically the line ”The kind of news that blind sides you on some idle Tuesday afternoon…” it was something like that.

Then there was good news around the studio in that my new Reformers arrived (yay) and the fact I spent the weekend in Dublin attending my Advanced Reformer Course at Complete Body Movement – the only Stott Licensed Training Centre in Ireland with the wonderful Danni Gonzalez, Master Trainer & Instructor.

I was able to do much more than I thought – partly because I trusted my Instructor to guide me safely through the challenging moves after my injury, and also when you are with a like-minded group, magic happens and you get carried along with the good energy and vibes.

Listening to other teachers experiences, sharing stories and having a good belly laugh along the way really was good for the soul 😊 Although I am not sure how happy my poor clients were on Monday morning as I unleashed some new moves on their poor bodies!!!

I now will be concentrating on breaking down the moves for my clients, practising lots & getting them into my body before I sit my exam in a few months. Lovely to add this to my existing repertoire of Stott Merrithew qualifications.

But it got me thinking... this ying & yang week...

I’m not going to state the obvious and say we should all be living in the moment and seizing the day, because most of us try to do that already and let’s face it, most of us are just trying to get through another busy day, a busy week and keep the show on the road with some fun thrown in somewhere along the way (hopefully).

But my only thoughts for this week are keep your nearest & dearest close… give lots of hugs, smile as much as you can and keep your sense of humour…oh and Do Your Pilates!!!

Looking forward to chatting to you all next week with some new exercises and ideas, and if anyone has any questions or thoughts – please get in touch!

Lots love

Jacq x

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