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Sticking to the essentials...

Hi Everyone,

What beautiful spring weather we are having after the crazy storms of the past few days… here’s hoping this heralds the true start of Spring and we can enjoy being out in the garden. I started my sweetpea seedlings today, planted up some seed trays of lettuce and herbs, and potted up some basil & thyme for the Kitchen. I’m feeling optimistic!

In terms of Pilates this week… I signed up to Merrithew Connect which gives me a huge selection of tuition and classes and decided to start at the beginning. So Essential Reformer Repertoire has been my Go-to this week and, as always, I am continually amazed at this exercise. How even the Essential can feel like a challenge and how you can discover new things about each exercise as you go through them. I’ve given myself the task of doing 2-3 weeks of just Essential to make sure I have a solid foundation in my body before moving onto the more Advanced exercises.

Already the aches and pains are receding from my body, and I feel more supple and energetic.

I’ll keep you posted as to how I get on!

I’d love to hear from anyone who is doing the Essential Reformer (or mat work) exercises and how they are finding it, and if they are discovering anything new about each exercise.

Have a great week guys and chat next week.

Jacq x

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