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About Wicklow Pilates Studio Classes...

Reformer classes, Beginner and Intermediate, run Monday through Friday. Additional equipment used in classes will include: Therapeutic Foam Rollers, Toning Balls, Fitness Circles, and Resistance bands.

Reformer Classes offer additional challenges in terms of resistance, in a small (max 6) group-focused environment. If you wish to rehabilitate post injury, Sculpt and Tone your body, or increase Stamina and Strength, you can transform how your body looks and feels.


Ultimately, by altering the spring tension or increasing the challenge of gravity, an individual may be progressed toward achieving optimum functional movement.

To book your session, or for further information, please contact us.


1-2-1 Classes offer a unique approach that is specifically tailored to your body’s requirements. Once a postural assessment has been completed, the instructor will devise a program suitable for your posture and will employ any of the Studio equipment that is applicable such as the Cadillac, the Stability Chair, or the Spine Corrector.


In the area of Shoulder Rehab, for example, we have seen huge success stories with clients working on the Cadillac, whilst clients who are sporting professionals have found the Stability Chair and the Reformer enhances their abilities through balancing their muscular weaknesses and significantly improving their overall core strength.

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