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Time to make plans again!

I hope you’ve had a good week so far and are enjoying this unseasonably mild weather and brighter evenings, with pink skies, that promise so much hope and optimism for the year ahead.

I had another very busy week teaching lovely clients and meeting up with some old friends. One such old friend is a leading Equestrian Coach and Top Dressage Trainer – Niall Quirke. Any of you reading this who know me well, may also know Niall, or have heard me talk about him. He is based in the USA and South Africa and he and I have wanted to collaborate on a training Program for Riders for many years now – to help them ride better. The intention is to build a simple program of exercises that complement what Niall is teaching his clients around Good Posture, Strength, Mobility and Awareness.

And now it’s happening! So watch this space…

In other news – my new Reformers are due to arrive any day now… clients are busy getting in great shape having shaken off the post Christmas “Blah” and my attention is also turning to my garden and what planting plans I have for this year - including planning a space for the hens I intend on getting.

As I said last week, it seems like life is moving forward again and people are making plans. It is only when that is taken away do you realise how vital it is to our wellbeing that we feel we can make plans – whether big or small – and recapture a sense of optimism and hope.

Have a great week guys.

Love Jacq x

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