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Happy New Year!

Albeit a bit late. I don’t know about you, but January has started with a bang and the weeks are flying by. With the longer stretch in the evening (as I keep pointing out to my children to keep them cheerful on these dark mornings) we can finally feel that there might be some optimism and a touch of spring in the air.

Whilst I am not going to dwell on Covid – it has undoubtedly been another tough year that everyone has just gone through – for a myriad of reasons – and it is important that we can all start to feel that we are able to plan. Plan travel, exercise, getting back to classes, seeing family and loved ones. And just being normal.

So I am planning... Wicklow Pilates Studio has plans.

It started with the addition of a new Reformer before Christmas – and hopefully two more to follow this month. Eventually I wish for my studio to have consistent models of Reformers complete with Jumpboards and Platform extenders. This gives us the flexibility to do a little bit more in the classes and play around with adding some cardio to our conditioning.

Secondly there is this – My new Blog! Whether you read it or not, it is something I have wanted to do for some time – almost as a journal to document the year and mark the highs and lows, and the milestones, and to feel that we are all moving forward and that there is progress. This is something I personally feel is important to my wellbeing and for the wellbeing of my clients and my business.

Thirdly I am planning my 2022 courses and workshops. Every year I am required to attend a certain number of educational courses to maintain my accreditation and to keep abreast of the latest developments around exercises and movement. I am excited to say that I will attend my first In-Person workshop in a number of years (Not Zoom!) when I attend Advanced Reformer in Complete Body Movement Training Centre with Stott Master Trainer Danni Gonzalez in Mt Merrion Dublin in February.

It’s been a while … :-)

I hope you enjoyed reading this if you had a little time with your morning coffee …and I will chat to you again soon!

Love Jacq x

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